Sep 19, 2017

September Events Wrapping Up!

September is just flying by!  It seems like we were just basking in the final days of summer and now  it's nearly time for all of the fun things that are going to take place in October.  Before we get there - I wanted to remind you of one last event to take place this month - and show off the one that was this past Saturday.

This Thursday the 21st is "Mini Camp" - a scaled down version of camp.  Just 3 projects - $10.  This month it's a "Best Of" - so we will be doing 3 of everyone's favorite projects from September camp.  The wine and the wedding card (both above) and the sunflower card which was done on the barnwood.  You can drop in anytime between 4-6 on Thursday afternoon for the mini camp.  Just need to let me know by Wednesday night if you want to come.

This past Saturday was the first of a series of classes that I am doing for women in their 20's to introduce them to stamping!  They make 4 projects, have some brunch, meet some new people, try some new things.  It's all free.  The 4 cards in this post were not made by me.  So - how's that?!  I designed the cards (the elephant one was designed by my 23 year old daughter) and they make their own version of the same.  There will be a Christmas card class and then another general cards one in late January.  If you know any gal in her 20s who might like to give stamping a try - feel free to point her my way!

I have some things to get finished up this week and then next week the plan to is to start getting some Thanksgiving and Christmas projects out for you!

Sep 14, 2017

Hoppin' into the Pumpkin Patch - Last day of the Blog Hop

We end this week's Blog Hop with one of my favorite things from the Autumn portion of the catalog - the Pick a Pumpkin Bundle!

The first time I ran the pumpkin through the Big Shot - I knew I had to create a way to become the Fairy Godmother and wave some dazzling diamonds and turn that thing into Cinderella's carriage.  You see in my house we have a Disney addict.  She has been that way since before she could speak in full sentences.  She is an adult.  And will be going to Disney this fall break on her own.  Because - well - we went last year.  Maybe she shall meet her Prince.  Just Sayin.  Her dream wedding of course takes place at the castle. So I see princess material in everything :)

The video is about 3 minutes long -see how easy the transformation is!

I knew the pumpkin would be the carriage - that left me to find something that would work for the wheels.  I have some of the swirly circles, but I wanted something a little more grown up and ornate.

A friend of mine had given me a gorgeous card she made with the Season to Sparkle bundle and the card was still in my display stand from my camp last week.  I realized the chandelier was the right size and just the right amount of swirl.

I used the multipurpose adhesive sheets.  It makes working with the fiddly and thin dies so much easier.  The glimmer paper can be harder to cut - I always cut on the paper side, twice through. Then just flip your whole sandwich over and run it through once more.  This just assures that it all cuts - especially since the adhesive is one more layer.

I added the adhesive on the vellum under where the ribbon would go.  Once the card was assembled then I added another dot under the sections that were colored blue.  It is stuck on good and tight - and you don't see ANYTHING through the vellum.  That vellum ribbon is BEAUTIFUL.  Most worthy of a Princess card.  The whole card is so shimmery in real life.  You need to make one - so you can see!

Thanks for stopping by this week - please add me to whatever Blog reader or feed that you use!  Now, head on to see what Francine has in her patch!

If you have already been there and are hopping the other direction then you can go visit Amanda!

I have the special for FREE test tubes and copper thread running right now (hit the HOME) button and go back to the test tube post for details on that.  But I KNOW some of you are going to have some princesses you knew as soon as you saw this that you have to make this for!  So - if you would rather take the Carriage Special - then here is your other option:  Purchase $125 from my webstore before September 25th and I will send you the Patterned Pumpkin thinlit die set FREE.  You must enter the Hostess Code 2MVRWQRT when prompted.  OR If you order $150 - you will hit your own hostess benefits.  You will get all of the hostess items that Stampin' Up! always provides.  Simply email me by September 25th and let me know that you ordered the Chandelier die as part of your $!50 order and I will send you the Pumpkin die free!

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Sep 13, 2017

An experiment in cuteness: Test Tubes Day 4 of our Blog Hop

Today we are taking test tubes out of the science lab and into the craft room!  The real test here is finding the cleverest little things that you can fit inside them....

I wanted to put something in mine besides tiny candies - I do have some splintered cinnamon sticks - so that was one option.  I suffer from migraines and I carry a pouch of peppermint beads in my purse.  When you feel a migraine coming on they can help if you smell them.  I looked online, but they are pricey - but on Amazon I found these Inhalation Beads!
They came with the same pouch that the peppermint beads come with - but mine were perfect for the tubes - and such a pretty color!  I do wish you could smell them!  Because the idea is to have them to carry in your purse or keep in your office drawer for when you might be feeling stuffy - I wanted them to be a little sturdier than some of our standard things might be.

Before running the leaves through the Big Shot I used the adhesive sheets to stick two pieces back to back.  This not only makes them sturdier, but it makes them pretty on both sides.  Using regular cardstock, this would not have been an issue - but since I was using DSP, foil and glimmer paper - all of my backs were not the same as my fronts.

I then used the copper thread as actual thread to 'sew' the leaves together.  I also used the needle to pull the thread into the cork as well and then a time or two through the knot of the copper ribbon, just to make sure if it's in your purse - it all stays attached.  They are bright and cheery too. 

If you give these away to friends or family members who might be feeling under the weather  - the cheery yellow and sunny golds might just brighten their days a little.
If you have a hard time filling your tubes you can see in the video that I took one of the bags that some of our ribbon came in and snipped off one corner.  You can then stick that down in the test tube and fill them up that way.  Everyone seems to want to fill the tubes to the top - leave room for your cork!  I also left a little room in these to shake the beads at that seems to make them smell a little stronger.

From here - you can continue on Teri's Blog to see her experiment in cuteness.
If that is the direction you have come from - then head over to Deena's.

***TEST TUBE LIMITED SPECIAL*** - from Sept 13 thru Sept 25th - order $75 in product from my website and I will mail you 1 package of the test tubes and 1 package of the copper thread FREE!
You must use the HOSTESS CODE 2MVRWQRT when prompted at checkout to qualify for the free offer. Take advantage of the free box of test tubes to see how creative YOU can be!

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Sep 12, 2017

Cat Punch revisited - Blog Hop Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of the Product Blog Hop.  Today we are sharing some more ideas to use with the Cat Punch.   I just have one card for you today - and it is super simple!  Here we go:

There is no actual stamping on the card (sometimes I feel guilty when I do that!).  But - it had enough going on without it.   Let me preface this next sentence by saying I still have yet to use anything but the Carols of Christmas bundle that isn't Autumn themed from the catalog....tomorrow, hopefully, I start some Christmas projects.  BUT - every catalog I find one thing that ends up being my favorite that was totally unexpected.  No, it wasn't the cat punch....
It is the the little die set that comes in the Pumpkin bundle (which the stamps will be featured in our hop later this week - get ready to fall in love!)  The dies are called Patterned Pumpkin Thinlit Dies - and they are just adorable.

For this card, I simply took several scraps of cardstock in the colors of fall and ran them through with the dies.  There are some foils, some glitters, the new metallic washi - and the star of the Pumpkin Patch - little miss cat - I punched her out of the acetate with the gold dots.  It is kind of hard to show in the photograph, I punched the top of the card and the acetate is then mounted directly under the punched out cat.  When the card stands it is a nice effect.
When you run the little star pumpkin through the Big Shot - make sure to keep all the little stars - you can see they add a perfect accent to your card!

I have the things out to film the card - but I have been a little under the weather and the weather...well Irma has brought her dark and dreary clouds to Indy - I really need a tiny bit of sun to get the videos to look good.  Check back and soon the video will be added to this post!

For now - hop on over to Teri Wells site to see what she has to share with you!  
If you happened to have come from Teri's site already and are hoping the opposite way - then head to 

If you are in the US and you need the supplies to make your own little Cat in the Pumpkin Patch card - here are the links to the item in my online store.  I would be happy to help get you what you need!

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